"Mentors is thorough. They offer a combination of showing you and teaching you about business and life tools, and how to use them."
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Our business background

Elana Siew and Neale Roberts - the owners of Mentors - have run their own businesses for the last 20 years and have enabled, coached, rejuvenated and developed businesses since 1998. They're focused on getting people and systems to work together to achieve results. Since they founded Mentors, they've been refining their skills, knowledge, qualifications and competencies in the field.

Because Mentors has worked with many different types of companies, we've become experts in the research and development of new business models. We believe that businesses are made by refining the balance between people and processes so that objectives are met. As a part of the process, we empower management teams to become self sufficient and we've managed to improve top line sales by 20-30% and bottom line wealth by 10-15%.

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Why we are business enablers and mentors

Business coaching focuses on promoting required behaviours and discouraging non-required behaviours. So our aim is to help you focus on what is important to you, your team and your business. We help you to discover these through our business enabling process, and we coach you and your team in the behaviours and thinking styles required to grow the business. Our enabling process achieves the following:

  Discovers what is actually happening in the business
  Helps to define business objectives
  Works to achieve them
  Sets business targets and goals
  Guides key personnel towards results
  Ensures that deadlines are met
  Encourages individual and team performance
  Makes sure that each unit stays on track
  Assesses performance thereafter

Our philosophy and approach to business enabling

Mentors helps businesses to strengthen successful processes within the organisation and to identify potential areas for improvement. Our main objective is to enhance business performance by building a culture of accountability and growing a proactive workforce; however, our approach varies depending on what outcomes are required.

We're passionate about our field and will work with companies of any size. We enjoy balancing risk with caution and are excited by each new challenge we face - whether it's in our own business or in a client's. Mentors looks forward to discussing business opportunities with clients and treats clients' plans and dreams as our own.


Mentors is peopled by a team of professional business advisors, coaches and strategy specialists, each of whom has impressive qualifications, extensive experience and the inter-personal and business skills to help you achieve real returns on your people investments.

We use the expertise of industrial psychologists, corporate strategists, training partners, healthcare practitioners and online assessment tools to meet clients' management development, leadership development and executive mentorship needs, and to realise their objectives.

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Elana Siew<br>B.Com (Hons), M.Com (Cum Laude), MBA

Elana Siew
B.Com (Hons), M.Com (Cum Laude), MBA

Elana Siew, a founding member of Mentors, is a talented industrial psychologist, qualified assessor and moderator with extensive executive, entrepeneurial and consulting experience.

Her expertise in industral psychology and organisational development places her in the unique position of being able to understand and optimise human and intellectual capital in the business context, and these capabilities help to transform our clients' businesses.

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Neale Roberts<br>BA (Econ), BA (Hons I\O Psy), MBA (Cum Laude), PDMM, CFP™ Licensee

Neale Roberts
BA (Econ), BA (Hons I\O Psy), MBA (Cum Laude), PDMM, CFP™ Licensee

Neale Roberts, a founding member of Mentors, has impressive executive, entrepeneurial and consulting experience. He is a qualified assessor and moderator who has taught strategy and leadership at various international business schools and on leading executive MBA programmes.

Neale also acted as CEO of the team (Bond University) that won the coveted 2nd place spot in the 1998 NasDaq SDSU 'International Student Business Plan Competition', beating both the Harvard and Stanford teams.

This expertise, coupled with many years of business experience, enables Neale to succesfully facilitate the development and implementation of practical business strategies that work.

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